Our Clan

Roebuck Global Resourcing (RGR) is the leading privately owned firm within our ecosystem, renowned for our exceptional executive search and coaching services. With our practiced industry experience and trusted methods, we have the gravitas to engage with top-tier candidates. Our exceptional regional Associates collaborate seamlessly to deliver excellence for our Learning and HCM SaaS clients, embodying our core value of 'Excellence through Collaboration'.

We are proud of our Scottish roots and expanding network of Associates, providing local and cultural expertise for global talent acquisition. Our team combines local knowledge with global expertise to deliver exceptional talent acquisition services that promote equality, diversity, and inclusion.


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Our Clan
Our Offering

Roebuck Global offers exceptional bespoke search services within the HCM SaaS, HR and Learning Technologies sectors. Our senior consultants are practitioners which means we bring a deep understanding of the challenges our clients face in their dynamic business environments. 

Our candidates trust the insights and guidance we offer during their job search and our proven ability to make the right matches ensures that our successful appointments bring innovation, growth, competitive advantage and measurable ROI for our global client base. In addition to our comprehensive search services, our carefully chosen and highly skilled Associates deliver leadership coaching to enhance appointment retention, ensuring our clients' investment in their new hire offers long-term sustainability.   


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Our Values:

Our values stem from the Founder's own assessment profile and translates into our promise to Clients, Candidates, and our valued Associates. They also form part of our Professional and Ethical Code of Conduct and it's no accident we all enjoy a good CATCH-UP!