Kay Young MSc - Mindfullness Facilitator

Mindfullness for Executives and Senior Management

Kay is an award-winning mindfulness, meditation and well-being teacher. She began her journey of mindfulness and meditation in Vietnam, and since then has continued to research, study, learn and teach this incredible life skill to so many. She uses numerous practices to help balance the various stresses of day-to-day life. This knowledge has allowed Kay to break through the barriers of anxiety, shyness and much more. It’s Kay’s dream to continue to share all that she’s learnt with as many people as possible.

Industry reports show we are suffering from a stress epidemic, and one in three people suffer from mental health every year. What can we do about it? Meditation, mindfulness and emotional intelligence are scientifically proven to reduce stress, build resilience, and improve mental health; and these are the skills Kay has been practicing for over eight years, and is what she teaches.

In today’s environment, individuals need supported by an experienced teacher and accredited course, that provides tools and techniques to help people to cope in our non-stop, high stress culture. Learn how participating in an eight-week course, or a workplace well-being programme, can improve mental health and overall well-being by getting in touch with Kay to discuss which type of session is best for you.

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