Alan Gillies Strategy Consultant

Learning & Development Sales Strategy

Alan is an Executive Director and experienced Trainer/Facilitator. He has consulted all over the world sharing his expertise in a variety of sectors and markets. He has worked with clients across Asia, Europe and North America and continues to have incredibly positive relationships with those he has had the pleasure of working with. He offers a highly commercial global mindset with a genuine passion for what he does. During his career he has designed and delivered multiple classroom and blended learning programmes for clients from a wide array of industries and sectors. The diversity of the work he offers is inspired by the incredible clients that he has had the privilege of working with.

He is personally motivated by the potential of learning, and this informs and shapes all that he does and delivers.Alan’s focus is getting the very best outcome possible, no matter what the specific project might be. Sometimes, this means that he will make suggestions that you might not expect! Every recommendation he shares comes from both extensive field experience and an appreciation for individual requirements.Alan’s broad commercial experience gained globally in Pharmaceuticals and the Learning & Development Industry adds a pragmatic and practical lens to his approach which he utilises to ensure that any programme or project is grounded in action-based deliverables and outcomes that can be applied within the organisations that he works with.

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