Sylvia Baldock - Personal Impact Thought Leader

FACILITATOR - Sylvia Baldock, Team Engagement & Collaboration Specialist, Personal Impact Thought Leader, Professional Speaker & Presentation Skills Expert, Executive Coach/Mentor, Author

Sylvia Baldock, ‘Time to Think’ Facilitator, Author and Best-selling International Co-Author.

Sylvia specialises in identifying your inherent strengths and challenges and working with you to ensure you are playing to those strengths 70-80% of your working time.  She is high energy, very authentic and engaging and never fails to delight her audiences.

Maximising Personal and Team Talent. Team Engagement & Collaboration Specialist, Sylvia enables Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs to recognise the unique value they bring to the workplace and to lead with confidence and purpose.  Personal Impact Thought Leader, Presentation Skills Expert, Business/Personal Coach/Mentor,

Sylvia brings her 30+ years of experience working with hundreds of business leaders, entrepreneurs and teams, transforming, motivating and inspiring everyone she works with to greater productivity, engagement and ongoing success. Tapping into her experience as a Theatre Sister in Open Heart Surgery where team engagement and collaboration were paramount to life changing outcomes, Sylvia is quick to spot dysfunctions in leaders and teams and to address the issues that are blocking their collaboration, engagement and productivity.

Sylvia also utilises impactful profiling to identify how to harness the real value each team member has to offer. This generates frank and open discussion and results in a collaborative culture where your people value their differences, tap into each other’s strengths and become more collaborative, motivated, productive and profitable.

Sylvia regularly MCs events as well as speaking and running workshops on various topics.  


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