Rebecca Tucker - Wellbeing Partner

Corporate Wellbeing with a Personal Touch

Whitecalm was founded on a holistic approach to health and wellbeing, and at its core lies a focus on empowering the individual to assume control of their own wellness journey through hands-on coaching, education and resources.

Our dedication, innovation and high-quality suite of services developed in pursuit of this goal have positioned us as a leading provider in the Wellness space.

Roebuck Global and Whitecalm are proud to offer this digitised wellness service as a fully managed service.



Ÿ  Five Virtual Studio environments
    Yoga, Fitness, Meditation & Mindfulness, Nutrition & Health

Coaching and Lifestyle sessions
Ÿ  Pre-Recorded session content (accessible 24-7)
Ÿ  120+ Live Streamed sessions per month
Ÿ  Interactive Chat function with our experts
Ÿ  All content available via the Whitecalm App with daily notifications and at
Ÿ  Specific Wellbeing Programs include Reducing Stress & Anxiety, Improving Sleep Length & Quality, Losing Weight
Ÿ  Informative and educational Blogs
Ÿ  Weekly specialist interview sessions covering Financial Wellbeing, Sexual Heath, Bereavement, Menopause and more.
Ÿ  Bespoke branded analytics portal cov


Please ask Roebuck Global for an introduction, or go direct to Rebecca at and let her know Jill sent you! 


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