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Rapid Learning Technology Team

The Challenge
Having visited Atlas and met a number of board members in person, it quickly became apparent that the Atlas internal resourcing team required some immediate support to recruit a large number of specialist eLearning positions.  They had to deliver some learning projects to global clients on very tight timescales   Atlas urgently required a good mix of Instructional Designers and Developers to be on-boarded within a couple of weeks.

The Process and Outcome
Immediately Jill knew how to structure the process by securing a very experienced Learning Technology Project Manager that flew up to Aberdeen within 2 days and commenced straight away.  Jill knew this talented lady would be able to manage the new contractors and had a reputation for keeping clients very happy too.  A fast track process was introduced and full screening and initial interviews were conducted by Jill and final interview along with a skills test and technical knowledge was undertaken by the Project Manager and Internal Atlas Management.

Jill also provided some great insight into the general eLearning/Learning Tech Industry which was used in senior management briefings. Once again, working in true partnership we were able to recruit and on-board the PM, seven experienced Instructional Designers and five Developers to work on the learning modules. 

The Outcome

Atlas excelled in delivering their successful tenders with more creativity and innovation than before and successfully won a great deal more increasing their revenue and profit by a substantial amount. They were able to raise their profile outside of the Oil & Gas, which they had largely been their only market.  Atlas is now part of the Mintra Group and Jill is due for a visit to Aberdeen in the coming weeks.

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