Mel - High Performance Coach

High Performance Coach

Mel is an international executive & leadership coach who helps leaders silence their inner critic, develop powerful authenticity and transition into their next role or chapter with confidence and ease.

What Mel’s clients tend to have in common is they have achieved success in their lives and careers but still find themselves searching. Often successful and confident on the outside, they secretly doubt themselves, their abilities, or the path they have chosen in their careers. Many suffer with imposter syndrome, despite the outward appearance of success. Working with Mel, they gain proven, applicable science based tools and strategies, which result in more clarity, greater focus and prioritisation, better energy levels and a deep sense of confidence and authenticity.

As one of only 400 Certified High Performance Coaches in the world, and the only one working in Scotland, Mel uses a research proven coaching methodology and framework that is both practical and deeply transformational.

Mel supports you through private and group coaching programmes to learn the exact strategies and tools to develop new routines and habits that lead to:
• More Clarity - about who you are, your purpose and how to create stronger alignment between your vision and actions
• More Energy - to approach each day with vitality and focus
• More Courage - to have tough conversations and take actions that scare you with more confidence
• More Productivity - to prioritise your time and organise your actions for maximum impact and results
• More Influence - to get others on board with your vision and ideas to serve more powerfully

These are the 5 areas that we know through the research 'high performers' have more of and it's the key outcomes you can expect from the coaching along with achieving your own personal and professional goals that are set at the start of the process. You can also expect to achieve higher levels of joy, energy and fulfilment than you have ever felt through living a life of alignment and authenticity.

Mel has always been deeply passionate about helping people and organisations to unleash their potential and has held a variety of roles in Learning and Development and Organisational Development over the last 20 years. This included operating as a senior leader and leading organisational transformations. She has a deep knowledge of and experience in using proven, research-based strategies for making changes successfully at an individual and organisational level. Her coaching style is challenging and intuitive and always leaves you feeling utterly supported. When you combine very clear strategies and proven processes with deep, soulful self-inquiry, it is a magical alchemy for successful transformation.

Mel's own Mentor coaches Oprah, Presidential candidates and Olympic athletes. Investing in myself helped me heal and grow beyond what I ever thought possible. It has allowed me to completely transform how I live my life and create a life of alignment, joy and ease.



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